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MAC Strobe Cream - Is it worth the money? | Product Review

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I recently ran out of my daily moisturizer and wanted to try out a few new brands before deciding on a favorite.  Since I had a gift card for MAC, I thought I would give something from their skincare line a try.

Strobe Cream is marketed as a product that “boosts the look of dull, flat, or tired-looking skin with nutritious vitamins and a mega-dose of green tea”.  I however, find it to be a bit so-so. To me, these claims seem to promise powerful and noticeable results. And while I do see some difference when using this product vs. a moisturizer without the “iridescent particles” in strobe cream, it’s not enough to wow me or make me want to repurchase this product over and over.

I am also frustrated with this product being marketed as a moisturizer. While it does provide some moisture initially, I feel that it’s basically gone by the time I apply my foundation.  Definitely not what you want from a moisturizer. I’m prone to dry skin, especially around my forehead and nose, so this was not hydrating enough for me. 

Another issue I had was the oily feel it can give to the skin.  As I said before, I am prone to dry skin and rarely ever break out.  But, after using this product, I had problems with this on one or two occasions.  So if you’re prone to oily skin or breakouts, use with caution! (Ok seriously I just rubbed a little on the back of my hand to see how it looked on other parts of the body and now my keyboard is covered in oiliness. Ew.)

And now, the smell. It’s hard to accurately describe how this product smells, but I can tell you it’s not good.  Now, if this were a product that worked really well for me, the smell wouldn’t bother me at all, but since I’ve had some problems, the smell bugs me a little. It’s fairly unpleasant for something you’re putting on your face, and therefore up close and personal with your nose.

Ok that was a lot of negativity.  I promise I don’t normally have such bad things to say about MAC products.  I actually love MAC and I think that’s why this was disappointing to me.
On the plus side, this product leaves the skin feeling soft and looking healthy. Also, if you like to go for a more subtle highlighter, this could be used over foundation to give a nice glow with a subtle shimmer on the cheekbones. 

A final word of advice is DON’T BUY THE LARGE BOTTLE if you don’t know for sure that this product will work for you.  The 50ml tube is $33 but the 30ml tube is only $10. Whaaat? Stick with me for a second.  If you were to buy 2 of the 30ml tubes (a total of 60ml), it would only cost $20. So you would have 10 extra ml for $13 less than if you bought the larger tube.  I’m really glad I purchased the travel size bottle, especially now that I’ve gotten less than stellar results.

Now after all I’ve just said, keep in mind that this product may simply not have been a good match for me or my skin type.  This could be a great product for you and if you’re willing to drop $10 on an interesting product that is, admittedly, fairly unique, why not give it a shot? The reviews on the MAC website are mostly very positive, so maybe it just wasn’t meant to be for me hahah! I have to say, I feel a little guilty even slightly bad-mouthing a product from this company as so many other MAC products have served me extremely well. 

Has anyone else had a similar experience with this product? Or did you try it and love it? Leave me a comment and let me know! Or if you want, email me at

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